Although her existence on this Earth has ceased and your heart is broken now that she is gone, I am here to tell you that everything is well between the two of you.  I know that you are in pain because you never said that you were sorry for the heartache you caused her.  Maybe you failed to finish school, married young, went to prison or put her in a nursing home. 
A father knows that there are things only he can teach his children.  A father knows what it takes to be a man and why he is.  He understands the male psyche and can help his girls not fall for some smooth talking male.  Daddy stands in the gap when it is time for her to date.  It is her father that sets the tone of what she is to expect from a man and tells her date what he will and will not tolerate.  These two pieces were written on behalf of parents who didn’t or couldn’t free their children of guilt before they died. 


 What do you say to a child who has lost a father, daddy, papa and friend?  How do you explain to this child with eyes just like mine that I will not be coming to pick her up anymore or be there to see her grow up?  How can you explain to the face that is pressed against the glass that we can no longer run together, play together or see each other from day to day?   What do you say to my child who has eyes just like me, a mouth, nose and cheeks just like me?  My heart was touched by a little girl who lost her father.  With God’s help, I presented this to her at his funeral and a beautiful stuffed animal, whom she named after her dad. 


 Baby girl, I did not get to say goodbye nor did I want to leave you.  Father to daughter, my hands was tied because God had the final say.  So today heart to heart, I say that you are the essence of me.  You are my heartbeat, my soul and the core of my being.  Every breath that you breathe, every step you take and every beat of your heart shall always include me.  Heart to heart daughter, I say that you are your daddy’s girl and I love you.  Within three months, the cousin of the above recipient’s father passed.  The family requested something for her.  She was given a stuffed animal too.  None of them were charged. 

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