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We Were Born An Excellent People

We were born excellent!!! It is where we have gone from there that has created problems. As children, adults were charged to “Train us in the way we should go.” As adults we often go where we want to go. Years ago our people learned proficiency under fire. They were taught courage and how to persevere when disadvantaged, disabled and disenfranchised. They relied on God and each other. Stressed they had the audacity to stand for what was right and not go with the flow. It was not just about me, but “WE.” Non-violence was in their nature. They climbed what seemed like insurmountable mountains, that today we can sit even in the Garden City Hotel. There were no handouts or expected entitlements. Material things were not their focus, but developing character. Yesterday’s woman made her way through wise guidance, as First Lady Michelle Obama learned from her parents. Yet it was her choice to embrace excellence, as it is ours. Today is a teachable moment that allows us to rediscover the “Finer woman” in us. Also, it allows our children to see what a true ZETA does. Pressed down to come forward like a diamond under pressure. We must remember the past that we not lose our way.

Understand that brilliance was not limited to educational achievements but it was a way of life. They earned what they owned. Therefore, in making children’s lives better, don’t remove their entire struggle or you will strip them of their strength. Instead, teach morals, God, love of family, love of themselves and pride. Teach them responsibility and to master languages not Ebonics, knowing there is a more excellent way. If you don’t know how, learn how, teach it, demand it, enforce it and be about it, because greatness costs and our responsibility end at the grave. March 19, 2011 CR. Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr. This work is not to be duplicated in any form, published in any form or placed in a retrieval system without the written permission of the above named author. March 19, 2011. CR.

 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Iota Theta Zeta ChapterAnnual Finer Womanhood Scholarship Brunch

20th Day of March 2011