One of God's greatest blessings in my life.

A True Diva 
These days the word “Diva” is used too loosely.  If you can hit a high note, bring a crowd to its feet, acquire wealth or win awards, you may be termed a “Diva.”   While many wear this title, more likely than not, they are not deserving of the title, “Diva.”  Many are females in women’s bodies or males in men’s bodies that act like spoiled brats when they cannot get their way.  Many have forgotten where God has brought them from.  They thank God at award shows for their awards, but live lives that don’t include Him.  It’s stylish to say, “I thank God.” Yet many in their arrogance and ignorance believe that they are responsible for their talents, successes, life and wealth.  These are foolish women and men, who tear down their own houses and others in an attempt to convince others of what they themselves do not believe.  You see, even they lack an assurance of their worth.  Little girls in women’s bodies that scream see me, see me, why don’t you see me?  Little boys in men’s bodies that scream I’m the man; you ain’t nothing and ain’t got nothing. “A True Diva” does not acquire that term, simply due to material, financial or worldly successes.  “A True Diva” is distinguished by eloquence, humility and thoughtfulness when in the company of others.  They know without being told that they are fierce.  Being comfortable in their skin, there is no need to assert themselves publicly or privately.  They can handle their business and will not allow themselves to be taken advantage of.  At the same time, “A True Diva” has no need to make unseemly demands or think that they are entitled to anything out of the ordinary. I have met “A True Diva” in Cherry Anne Weinstein; a woman of character and value, who don’t flaunt who she is. While many who are termed a “DIVA” are: 
I- insecure   
V-volatile  and  
I believe that “DIVA’S” should be: 
V-visionaries  and  
Take it from an ordinary woman that God has blessed with extraordinary insight; “A True Diva” doesn’t need to convenience
anyone that she or he is a “Diva.”  It is seen through their actions, felt when they walk into a room; they breathe it.  It is grace and humility wrapped up in one.  Take a look at First Lady Michelle Obama, review the history of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan and General Harriet Tubman.  Enough said.  Cr March 29, 2009.  Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr This work is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or performed by anyone, without the written permission of the above named author. CR 
Presented To:Cherry Anne Weinstein
Harriet Tubman 2010 Achievement Award Honoree
This 13th Day of March 2010