We celebrate their life and legacy. 


I will personally miss them.


Issues, attitudes and perceptions.



Wherever you go and whomever you listen to, you will find that there are issues, attitudes and perceptions involved.  Perceptions of people and things can create issues and attitudes.  Looks, positions, thoughts, words and even silence are perceptions that create issues surrounding life. 

Issues can create attitudes and attitudes can cover pain that issues cause to arise.  While some people have problems with how others look, live or sound, many fail to make positive changes, because they cannot understand the true root of their problems.

Choices of partners, positions of employment or the order in which we are allowed entrance to some event, all are determined by someone's perception of us.  Their attitude and issues on our manner of dress, vehicle driven, color of skin and even brand of perfume worn, determines how we are viewed.  Even butt size, lip and hip size all play a part in how we are received.

Your skin is not light enough to be white or dark enough to be considered a real sister or brother.  Your lips are too small and hips too flat, something else must be in you.  Your butt and lips are too big to just be....you know what I mean.  You own what type of car? I am sorry but I cannot be seen with you.  You see, I own my own corporation, earn six figures consulting and you do what for a living?  Oh, you work for some financial institution. Don't worry; someday you will meet someone that you are more compatible with. 

While everyone has at least one issue with someone they either know personally, by word of mouth or have just seen them, many take issue with others based on the expectations and perceptions of others.  These attitudes if left unchecked can keep us separated and captured in self-made prisons. 

Be careful of how you view others, knowing that the individual spewing evil may envy the person they are attempting to discredit. 

While they have an outward appearance of sleekness and knowledge, it is all rooted in deceit and lies.  If you investigate their life, often you will find that they are only a shadow of their proclamations.  They look and act the part that they will never get, therefore they envy those that do and can.

Watch yourself or you may miss God's greatest gift.  For often God does not come the way that we expect him to come or send the individual that we thought he should send.  His ways are high above ours and only the discerning heart can feel what the blinded eye cannot see. 

Remember this also, that the stone the builders rejected was the "Chief Corner Stone."


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