If I Could I Would

If I could I would stay just a little bit longer.  I would kiss your faces one more time and tell each of you again, all the joys you have brought into my life.  If I could I would, attempt to soothe your pain, and tell each of you how much I shall miss you.  You see, when you give so much of yourself as the Universe commands, it is wonderful to find genuineness in others.  Our conversations, walks and sit down sessions, meant so much to me.  You all were always so wide eyed, eager to learn and attentive to all I had to say.  You were like baby birds being fed by their mother.  More than just being receivers, each of you with open arms gave back more to me than you can imagine. 

If I could I would, tell you again, what a marvelous time I have had sharing nuggets of wisdom with each of you and the World.  Three score and ten He promised children, but I was given 86 years. 

I have run my race and finished my course.  Now it is the responsibility of those that follow, to add to the discourse.  My vessel is emptied out as it should be that those following may have words of wisdom to live by and footsteps to follow. 

If I could have stayed just a little bit longer I would have, but He has said not so my child.  It is time for you to come up a little higher, for your work is done.  You have laughed, loved, taught, felt pain and even anger.  It was all necessary, that I may leave this great legacy.  If I could live my life over, I would live every moment the same, for I have been graced to walk where many could not, that God's mission through me may be fulfilled.  Now I lay down in peace and sleep.  God is the keeper of my soul.  I am whole, fulfilled and fully alive.  To each of you I say  stay the course that your vessels too may be empty when He calls you to come home.   Written by:   Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, May 31, 2014.  Words from one poet on behalf of another poet.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in any retrieval system, used in any medium or performed by any means, without the written authorization of the above named author. cr

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