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I honor you my friends.Embarassed 

He Poured You Out 
God is our father and always do what is best for us.  It is he who watches for our souls and set watchers that will watch and pray for us.  He joins lives and it is he that separates.  It is God who brought the four of us together in 1997 and for his purposes.  Three Physicians joined to a woman who was heartbroken, by having to quit an Office Manager’s position that she loved with the NY State Assembly.  Now she enters to work temporarily as a Secretary; a position she said that she would never work and for four weeks.


Who would have guessed that God would pour you out into the heart of a broken vessel?  Who would have guessed that a four week job would turn into 13-1/2 years?   Nevertheless God’s plans are not our plans and some 15 years later, I am yet praying for you all. As we worked side by side, God was knitting us together in spirit.  We learned respect for each other over the years and that respect resulted in your becoming my brothers.  Doctors, you are my “ABC” guys; Dr. A., Dr. B. and Dr. C.  Interestingly enough, God aligned your office spaces side by side for years.  Although I am no longer with you and by God’s design, know that you are not far from my heart and remains in my daily prayers.  My children pray for you by name, because they too know that he poured you out in my spirit.   I may be gone from sight, but know that you are not forgotten.  When you are not aware, God pours you into my spirit and say it is time to pray.  God has woven my “ABC” guys into my heart and has poured you out in my spirit.  More than you know he uses broken vessels to do extraordinary things. Try to always keep in mind that unassuming angels are dispatched by God and are everywhere.  They come in various shapes, from different places, races and backgrounds, but all are sent from God.  Cr July 27, 2012  Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr This work is not to be duplicated in any form, stored in a retrieval system or used for any purpose without the written permission of the above named author or my “ABC” guys. 
Dedicated to Three Extraordinary Doctors

who are all gentlemen and friends