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The house may be white but the roof is darkened and the fumes from within have caused the windows to give off shaded views of the real world.

Human frailties and expectations cause black and white to become shades of gray that a place of compromise may be found.  Yet human beings fail to understand that their being flawed and limited causes laws to be flawed in scope.  This pompous attitude,

make it difficult for mankind to pass sentences that allow the shades of gray to be adopted as a viable middle ground, that others may experience the kind of justice that mercy calls for.

The house may be white but its darkened roof and tinted windows work to shut out fairness to "all."  Gray allows black and white to meet and mix their hues that black not be too dark to see the light and the day not to bright that it cause blindness.  Grayness gives sunset and evening a chance to blend, that we all may clearly see that we have more in common than our differences sometimes allow us to see.


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