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Winds that are profound, astonishing, moving and ferocious can least describe hurricanes.  Men under pressure that are depressed because of repressions and have become incarcerated for the crimes of others are affected by hurricanes.  Omissions and commissions that have been hidden that the evil of mankind may not be discovered and the valor of the right may remain hidden.  Fixed trials yielding guilty verdicts, that the innocent may lose their freedom.  Years, physical and mental of incarceration cannot make the innocent guilty.  All the plotting, all the ducks lined up and all the kings’ men cannot keep a ray of truth from breaking through darkness. One book in the right place awaiting the right hands to retrieve it that the trinity may awaken at God’s command.  One occurrence that opens the eyes of the many, that the hidden iniquities of the shielded may be revealed.  Yes the indomitable spirit of a man can move one Court Justice with courage to do the right thing. As light overshadow and blot out darkness in its appropriate time, so will truth.  No thing and nothing can stay WhYh’s justice.   Just one ray of light need shine on forged evidence and hidden lies that time and chance may deliver the innocent. Hurricanes come and go as does the mighty, but the indomitable spirit of the righteous cannot be destroyed.  Although hurricanes are filled with power, might and uncertainty they must cease at God’s command.  They reshape lives in the whisper of a minute and alter dry places in seconds; yet God can restore humanity lost and replenish the physical and mental lands by one command.  Mankind may fall, but by faith He can rise again.  Storm winds will blow, yet the house will remain standing, if its’ walls are reinforced by His Spirit. Since life too is filled with many hurricanes, think it not strange when some alter your life and place you in harms way.  For mankind was not created to please self, but to serve God’s purposes any day and in His way, that His story might unfold. Remember the indomitable spirit of man, when you are tried by life’s hurricanes.  Keep in mind that they can serve to free men from themselves and the indiscretions of others.  They can also alter history that His story may be told His way.   Just stand firm and remain grounded when hurricanes come and you too will be vindicated, rise victorious and become a vessel used for His purposes. Presented To:  Rubin Carter (Movie “The Hurricane”)        


Clever as a fox, but in the most honest way.  The chameleon has nothing on her, for she is adaptive yet not deceitful.  Being a hard worker, she does not engage in business as usual.  It is neither her style nor playing games.  Instead, no nonsense is the flavor of the day when you deal with this woman.  She has the sleekness of a jungle CAT and is a visionary.  You see CAT NEW, she knew before you did what the game of life was about.   Attempting to fool CAT is a waste of time.  Catherine B. New, this rambunctious feline can see in the dark the maneuvers of fools that think they know it all.  She sits back in an easy chair, with those cattish eyes and sees others heading for a fall.  She warns, but few listen.  Most think they know everything and she nothing.  Yeah, “CAT NEW”, she knew the storm was approaching and prepared for it.  That is why it is called “CATLIKE BUSINESS”. Please do not think that this wonderful woman glides through life without challenges.  It is her cleverness and jaguar adeptness that moves her around the tricks of enemies.  Her golden mane is disguised by the adaptability of the chameleon.  Now you see me now you don’t.                                    

C – CLASSY                                   B - BOLD          

 A – ASSURED                                

T – TENACIOUS                             N – NEWS WORTHY                       

H – HARDWORKING                      E – ELOQUENT                       

E – ENDEARING                             W – WORTHY                       

R – RAMBUNCTIOUS                       

I – INTERNATIONAL                       

N – NATURAL                       


These terms describe the lady called Catherine B. New. When you feel a breeze pass you and you see nothing, just remember that it is nothing but CATLIKE BUSINESS, CATLIKE BUSINESS passing your way.         


We live, exist, be, do, strive for and become.  Young and old all come and go.  Beauty, fame, rich, unknown, loved and unloved all die.  Why so young, so educated, so marvelous, so loveable and not ready do they die?  Perhaps there is an unseen purpose, an unseen script that we have missed in our hurried lives?  What could it be?  What purpose is intended?  I was born to be loved and love in return.  I brought pleasure and was given it in return.  Yet I was born to be in this place, at this time and with this person, that I might unbuckle a seatbelt, give a hug, a hand or throw out a lifeline that another may live.  Around once we go it is for the big guy.  Jesus the only begotten Son of God was many things, but He was born to die that we may have life eternal.  Moses the Prince of Egypt and Hebrew was born to lead God’s people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.  We too are born for a purpose that only God knows and when we have fulfilled our purpose, we too shall be called home.  For we are born for a purpose and to that end we do live.  Dedicated to the memory of the three youth that had their lives taken on the Long Island Expressway, New York on 12/31/1998. Also the Courageous Firefighters  EMS Workers, Police Officers & Innocent People Who had their lives taken on September 11, 2001                                 


Questions, questions and more questions are asked when the name Cherry Lane is mentioned.  What is it?  Where can it be found?  Who lives there?  When does it appear and how can one gain access to it? It is the popular, cool and in place to be.  It is a state of readiness and togetherness.  Everything is done today, tonight, in one hour or right now. Swiftness and confidence are friends of Cherry Lane, but slow footedness and faintness are enemies. This place of grace is in the hearts of men, women and children.  It is a place where prestige and money take a back seat to character.  This place challenges our ability to perform, and exists in the will of those that believe.  Visionaries, brave hearts and those that can distinguish the voice of God from that of mankind reside there. When the call is made for worthy and immediate actions, Cherry Lane will appear.  For only Cherry Lane can give you access.  You cannot of yourself walk on this lane, but you must be called upon and graced to walk there.   Cherry Lane does not allow time for heavy reflecting, since it is a place of immediacy.  Losers are weepers and believers are receivers.  Quit and I cannot do not exist on Cherry Lane.  She that is, will not allow one to quit, take a back seat or disappear.  Cherry keeps pushing, bringing you along and believing in you.  She prays that God strengthen and keep you. Walking on Cherry’s Lane has a price.  It calls for remembrance.  Forget me not; forget me not when you arrive at your hour of greatness.  Thank God if you are fortunate enough to find yourself on Cherry’s Lane.   Dedicated To:  Cherryanne Weinstein