I love my Uncle De De!!!!

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Everyone need at least one good Uncle.

“The Good Uncle”
fills in for mom and dad when needed, being careful not to overstep his role.  He is there to supply their children with love, attention, guidance and even help shoulder the burdens of mom and dad when necessary. “The Good Uncle” cherishes his nieces and nephews and is treasured by members of his family.  If you don’t believe me, just look at their faces when someone says, Uncle Deon is coming!”  You will see faces filled with delight and see children jumping for joy.  He knows to be on his guard when he arrives, because a tug of war is going to ensue as each try to be first in line to jump on him and give him hugs and kisses. It takes a special type of man to be a good uncle.  Ask the Kennedy family about their rock, Uncle Teddy (Senator Edward Kennedy).  If you ask the children in this family (Jetta, James, Jr., Ferdinand, Jr., Tiffany and Ashley) they will tell you that De De is their favorite uncle.  Furthermore, ask his siblings Sonya, Samuel, III, Angelina, Vanessa and James, Sr., and they will tell you the same.  Deon is greatly loved by them.  He accepted the role of being a good Uncle at age “16.”  He walked over a mile to purchase diapers for his first niece Jetta, and did not care who saw him walking with an extra large box of pampers.  To date nothing has changed.  He does whatever good his hands find to do for his family members and those God put in his heart.  Yeah, for you too Auntie Izora. Good uncles choose to be there for their families.  They take responsibility seriously; seeing it not as a burden or duty, but a joy and part of loving their family from the heart. Money does not make a good uncle either.  “The Good Uncle” can come empty handed, because his hugs, kisses and love is enough. Examine the word “GOOD” and you will see the word God.  Wherever God is, only good exists and this applies to “The Good Uncle.” They hold everything good of open delight.  Undeniably nice, caring, loving and endearing.  “The Good Uncle” is all of the above and more.  Yes sometimes you will have disagreements, but he is there for the long haul.  That is why we have chosen to honor you as a good son, brother and uncle.  Deon L. Barr you are the best kind of uncle.  Thank you and we love you. Cr.  Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, January 9, 2010.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form, performed or placed in a retrieval system, without the written permission of the above named author. Cr.

Presented To:  Deon L. Barr
“A Good Uncle”
This 20th Day of June 2010
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