Keep her children, grandchildren, mother and loved ones in prayer.


To learn more about Cherry Anne Weinstein visit her various web pages.  Just enter Cherry anne Weinstein.


CHERRY ANNE WEINSTEIN was intelligent, thoughtful, God fearing and a beautiful person from within and without.  Because of her I have this Website.  I miss and continue to honor my little sister in God.


A Deep Abiding Spirit
Cherry Anne Weinstein was a transitional transformer, who lived her life with purpose. Being a legacy builder, she didn't talk to just hear herself, but spoke from a place of knowing, that experience, true knowledge and power brings. If Cherry believed in you, she invested in you. I am tired or I can't do it was not a part of her vocabulary. Cherry kept motivating you, teaching you and bringing you along. This woman had an abiding spirit that was multifaceted and strong. She fashioned greatness out of weakness and helped elevate those she felt would best serve a community. This little red head was more powerful than she knew. She was more than a pretty face, curves and red or black hair, Cherry Anne was intelligent, spiritual and a true Diva, but without the "BAD" attitude. This little drill sergeant was a motivator. If she saw potential in you, she worked it. This little fireball was not above throwing the kitchen sink at problems that stood between you and the goals she expected you to achieve. Power didn’t excite her, but an enduring pure spirit did.

Although she was passionate about her work, she did not neglect her mother, children, grandchildren or friends. Often you saw them sprinkled through her work and out with her at events. She made learning fun for them. After all, she taught by example. When I look at them, I see her poise, intelligence and a passion for life. When I look into her mother’s face, I see profound pride and love. As for her friends, each one can point to at least one positive change she has brought about in their lives. Sugar, honey, girlfriend, if Cherry wanted something for you, she pushed you forward. Push back if you dared, but that little red headed powerhouse would win. Oh, you may pout, but in the end, you did what she requested, because she would wear you down with her reasoning ability.

God sent an ordinary woman into the World, but equipped her with extraordinary gifts and insight, that she may help others fulfill their destiny. Although she was a dignitary, worked with and walked with other dignitaries, she loved being an average person. This woman never bragged or talked about her accomplishments. She knew who she was and whose she was.

We have lost a national treasure, but we can honor her by putting into action what she has taught us, and remembering that she is the bridge God used to bring many of us over. Don’t hate appreciate. Don’t imitate, because you will never duplicate this great original. Know that beauty fades and power change hands, but integrity will stand for much in the end.

Now that she has fulfilled God’s purpose for her life, he has recalled her. Rest in peace my little sister, until we meet again around the family table. CR, October 7, 2011. Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr. This labor of love is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or performed by anyone, without the written permission of the above named author or the immediate family of Cherry Anne Weinstein. CR

In Celebration of the Life & Legacy of

Cherry Anne Weinstein

this 9th Day of October 2011

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