Answering the call to duty, daily the men and women of "Fire Departments" take no thought for their lives as they rush forward to serve and protect.  They spring into action like a mighty lion.    With hoses ready, axes and helmets in hand they suit up for the task.  The roar of their engines and sirens come forth as an announcement that they are riding to battle.  Ferocious and without fear they hit the ground running.  Positioning hoses they enter burning buildings in an attempt to save lives and property.  Swinging off the side of burning buildings these men and women are real mortal heroes and sheroes. 

Batman, Catwoman, Spiderman, Superman and Tarzan have nothing on them since they are emulators of life.  These firefighters run into buildings filled with smoke and fire.  They are skillful in using the Jaws of Life to force open twisted vehicles of metal.   

Passionate about life, duty, family and their community, these fire warriors with the heart of a lion go forward to battle flames that can kill in seconds.  Their manes are filled with beauty even the bald ones.  They are the Kings and Queens of the jungle by design.  On the attack their prey has little chance to win.  Size or consequences to self is the last thing on their minds.  These brave men and women are our protectors and friends.  They are men and women of valor. 

Look into their faces and you will see pride of self and work.  Read into their hearts and you will find the lions call to protect and serve.  They answer the call to defend those that cannot protect themselves.  Tall, short, lean or stocky it matters not.  They leap into the flames of structures small or large. Lifting bodies twice and three times their size they do.  Crawling miles a year to get to those who sometimes have caused a fire through negligence, yet they come. 

Firefighters are heroes and sheroes of the best kind.  Loving what they do and doing it well is their aim.  Serving is second nature to them as is preserving life.  I applaud them for answering the call inside their district, outside their district and even where they are not welcomed.  Thank you I say to these men and women of valor and may God continue to watch over you.   Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, 2006 (CR).  Released and under copyright in her book titled, "The Up Side of Down", published through AuthorHouse in 2006.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form without the written permission of the above named author.


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