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Have you ever been struck by a religious bullet?  You know the kind that claimers of Christianity use.  One side of their mouth drips the words of Christianity and the other deceit and destruction. 

These claimers of Christianity are locked and loaded with religiosity. They say trust me, but look into their eyes and you will see a manipulator, liar and wolf attempting to hide in sheep's clothing.

Beware I say of religious people, for even their form of godliness is warped and their facade cannot hold them steady.

Religious people are everywhere and come from different cultures and backgrounds.  They are male, female, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and asexual.  Their color, shape and race also differ.  They talk the part, but at every opportunity seek whom they may destroy.  Disagree with them and your butt is out of luck.  Watch out, they have locked and loaded their religious gun to fire on and destroy you.

These people failed the Christian test.  They may know the word but failed to know God and yield themselves to his teachings.  They dress the part, but sit in the seat of the scornful, have corruptible power and a form of godliness. Their armor is full of chinks and not able to stand up to the whole armor of God. 

These use their illusions of power to fool the gullible and turn them against those hand picked by God to make a difference.  I say, "different day, similar people with the same beliefs."

Locked and loaded they are, but every shot fired will enter them, every hole dug will bury them and every evil work has been written in the "BOOKS" for Judgment Day.

Be thankful for religiosity, for it will help Christians grow, test your armor and sharpen your sight.  It will move you to a quiet space, make you pray for others and pray that you not fall into temptation.  It will make you smile and sorrowful at the same time.  Smile, because you know that you already have the victory through Jesus and sorrowful because you know that God's judgment will fall on them. 

I say to you all, "There is a place between Black and White, right and wrong, religiosity and Christianity.  It is the place that I call "Shaded Hues;" the place where the unscrupulous walk.

Do not adopt or adapt to religiosity, but hold to Christianity that God keep you from evil when faced with evil.  Choose this day who you will serve.  Will it be God or Satan?