“Although I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death daily , I refuse to allow fear to overtake me.  You see if I allow fear in, it will mess me up.   It will prevent me from obeying the commands of God and cause me to lose my blessings!

"Views of You In Shaded Hues - A Place Between Black and White," was written to enlighten the gullible, awaken the godly and call to action those set to be the watchers of America. As a people, most of us have become lax in our duties to God, our children and this nation.  Wealth building has become a number one priority and not Christian and family values.  As individual’s greed escalates along with their need for power, everything good is on the decline.  Even many religious leaders have fallen asleep at the helm, as they focus on money and positions of power.   It is time for the watchers to go into action and stop pretending they don’t know that our nation is at war from within as well as without.  We must hold our nation’s leaders, corporations and individuals, accountable for their lies, price gouging and the deceptive practices of power authorities.  This must include those who have benefited financially from the Iraq war and any other American disasters.  We must stop waiting for our news reporters to tell us the truth and find other sources such as BBC World News America.  This decay of our nation has occurred on our watch, therefore it is our responsibility to fight for and restore this great nation to her former glory.  We must put the old guard, their archaic, dogmatic and divisive beliefs to rest.  It is time to elect leaders who will listen to the voices of the people and work to strengthen all people, thereby strengthening our nation.  Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time for a reality check.  Tick tock, tick tock, our children, other nations and God is watching us.  ---------------------------------------                                                                                                         

     Alice Nixon Barr