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A Time of Knowing


As there is a time to plant and laugh, a time to gather and weep, there is also a time of knowing.  With summer having passed in my life and winter being upon me, I felt the pull of the gathering.  At first it was a small nudge that I could resist, but then an awakening that is difficult to explain came over me, and my soul knew it was time to go home.  When you are a child of God, your spirit and soul is connected to the I Am.  You know his voice and can feel his pull upon your heart.  I came to the place that I knew that in spite of loving you and wanting to remain in this World that it was time; my time to return home.  Being a mother, grandmother and beloved wife does not make it easy to go, but the knowing makes the decision to give in much better.  There is a season for everything, and God's timing is perfect.   He chooses when to send us into this Earth, gives us purpose, allows us to choose how to live our lives, and then knows when it is time to retrieve us.  I know that the same God, who cares for all who suffer loss, and especially the loss of mothers, is the same God who will love you through this pain.  As a loving father, he will love you all through your grief.  After all, God understands the pain of loss, through the sacrifice of his only begotten son to redeem the World, after having loss a third of his heavenly children.  Daily he suffers pain as he watches many of his children fall to sin and refuse to be redeemed.  He will love you through your pain, and knowing that we will be together again will help you smile.  I say cry for a little while and mourn my home going for a short while, because your temporary loss is heaven's gain and I am in no more pain.  I can run, and jump.  There is no more sadness or sorrows to endure, but joy on all my tomorrows.  I have obtained and have prayed that you do too.  The beauty of God's love is that it never dies; therefore the love we have shared will never die.  Remember me with joy, and thank God for loaning me to you, for he chose me for you and you for me and for this I am grateful.  God is real.  There is an after Earth and he is on his way back.  I say to my beloveds, that this is the time of knowing, therefore understand that time as we know it is almost gone.  Watch as well as pray that you be ready when he calls you.  Pray for forgiveness of your sins, and do your best to live a life he would approve of.  In this time of knowing, know that I remain within you and am alive forever more.  Be vigilant, for the angels of God are reaping his harvest.  CR August 29, 2015, Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr. This work is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in any retrieval system or used in any manner without the express written permission of the above author.

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