This letter was published in November 1, 2008 Ebony Magazine.
It is posted on BNET by Lesa L. McBride.
It was in response to their article, “The Real Michelle Obama.”   
August 17, 2008  
EBONY Magazine
820 So. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL  60605 
                                           Re:    Michelle Obama Layout  
To Whom It May Concern: 
It was a pleasure reading the article, “The Real Michelle Obama.” By God’s design she has been thrust into the limelight.  This woman of excellence is more than Michelle Obama.  Her start as Robinson influenced the greatness presented to the public today.   In reading about her, I cried.  I saw inward and outward beauty.  Looking into her eyes, I saw honesty, God and true concern for mankind.  Her strength as a woman, female, daughter and sister was evident.  As a friend, wife, mother and First Lady, you could not ask for more.  She is a woman of statute, who is elegant, poised, confident and comfortable in her skin.  You could not escape feeling as if you knew her and wanted her for your best friend. We can look up to her, especially our daughters.  She happens to be Black, but is an example of excellence for all.   This is a lesson to all, that ordinary people are often extraordinary, but many fail to see them unless they are thrust into the spotlight.   
                                                            Ms. Alice Nixon-Barr