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Is there justice on Earth?


Justice wears blinders, because she that is governed by he, cannot stand to see the twists placed on laws that were adopted to create just decisions.  She is not blind, but has been in-cased in justice's ice.  Just ice has become her name, in that she cannot feel any fires of rightness.

Laws they say are formulated to serve victims, and the US Constitution a Holy Grail, but we see that victims are often further victimized.  Even when they can prove their cases, lawmakers become lawbreakers and force unjust decisions on them just for the sake of revenue, and their "Old Boys Club". 

Justice cannot of herself act, when unjust men and women continue to write, re-write and adjust laws unjustly. Would to God that men could see, and then possible they would remove the blinders that have been placed on justice's eyes. 

Pee Pie, we see them and so does God.    Cr. 1999, Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr.  Revised March 20, 2014.  This labor of love is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or performed by anyone, without the written permission of the above-named author. CR.





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