America - My Country of Birth

I have never been to Africa, therefore stop telling me to go back.

I am a Human Being not a race.


My perspective on some of the happenings in America today.

Welcome to the World of Black Folks


As I sit listening to those who discuss banning Muslims from the United States of America, I am filled with laughter.  It is not that the matter is funny, but it is interesting how all want to benefit from the many struggles of Blacks that brought about the Civil Rights Act.  From physical enslavement, beatings, rapes, hangings, castrations, drowning, loosing dogs on, turning water hoses full force on, bombings that killed children, and cowardly killings of Blacks and some supporters that were White or called White.  From the Bus Boycott of the 1950's, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, minorities; especially Latinas have benefited from our struggles.  The irony is that few want to associate with Blacks, acknowledge their Black heritage or admit that there remains blatant discrimination against Blacks everyday.  From economic enslavement, redlining and education, there are restrictions placed on Blacks that determine their altitude.  Even limitations on our FREE speech are in place and how we are reacted to.  You can voice your displeasure and in a professional manner, but know that you may lose your job, while a person considered White may be argued with, but without penalty.  Even their ability to vote is controlled and can be taken away without much recourse.  Note:  If they do not like what you or I say on Facebook or even my website; although it may be true, they can and do on many occasions, fire people.

We have been telling you for years that racism, discrimination and prejudice is alive and doing well in this so called "United" States of America.  Many others on the other hand keep telling us that we are tripping and that things are so much better.  Well, the "Cat is out of the bag", the "gig up", pee pie now the World can see you.  If it was not so sad, I would walk out into my front yard and howl with laughter so all could see.  You thought that you were safe because of your skin color my light skinned brothers and sisters?  Electing the first Black President shook a fair number of bigots and racist out of their hiding places, but not enough for the World to really see them. 

Most Blacks saw it but you would not believe us.  The you I speak of are those folks who ask us why form an organization that says "Black Lives Matter" when all lives matter?  Really!  We seem to be the only ones who believe that "All lives matter".  Now that Muslims have found themselves in racist cross-hairs, how do you like Blacks now? 

Now that the lightness of your skin cannot save you, why are you resorting to violence?  Blacks and Whites that joined in the Civil Rights Movement, marched and prayed when faced with being hanged, spit on, shot and killed, having water hoses turned on them, being put in jail and having our churches bombed and children killed.  We did not resort to violence, but let the light of Christianity shine out for others to see, that our good works may be seen, and that God get the glory.  You however, instead of doing good, shoot and kill innocent people in the name of your god, whom I say is Satan.  God is love and does not breed fear that leads to hate which unchecked leads to death. 

Most Blacks are not fooled today by your suits, dresses, badges on blue uniforms, robes of justice, legislative lawmakers of whom many are law breakers or preachers, many of whom too are hirelings.  We know that the Red Cross on the robes of the KKK represents the same religiosity crusaders who fought so called holy wars in God's name represented.  Just as they slaughtered for money, lands and power in God's name, so do you.  They also sat in churches on Sunday, yet Sunday night through Saturday night's, under the cloak of darkness, burned crosses on Black people's lawns, burned down their homes and hung them.  In the 21st century and yes the year 2016, those robes have been exchanged for suits, dresses, badges that allow many so called lawmakers to hide behind the laws that they break and without consequences.  A good example is the so called "Stand your ground" law.  The same laws we are expected to uphold, you use to protect yourselves from the consequences of your actions and escape the penalty associated with your indiscretion. 

I say to minorities, but especially Black folks, be happy, very happy that these serpents have been revealed for all that will see, to see.  Now that it is you my Muslim brothers and sisters, I ask, how do you like it?  It was okay as long as it happened to Black folks. 

Even many Latinas don't want to associate with Blacks, or acknowledge their own blackness, but will gladly search out and seek the benefits of the Civil Rights Act.  Not to mention most that come from what we call the Isles (Islanders).  Many out right hate Black people for being born in America.  While some disguise their disassociation from Blacks with saying it is their behavior that make them undesirable, if we look at each ethnic group, you will find behaviors that would make all groups undesirable.  Go on You-tube and view Dr. Joy DeGruy's video on Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome and Racism - America's Pathology"  


I say to people that are called American Blacks or African Americans, be happy that the fire became so hot that it forced these groups many of whom refer to themselves as Christians to reveal themselves.  I say many that say such are zealots, for Christ like people follow the greatest commandment of all, and that is to love others as themselves.  Be happy that God has pulled back their covers for the World to see them as they really are. After all, God did promise in his word to reveal the hidden iniquities of mankind.

When you are a part of a Country, culture or association, it is difficult to see yourself, because your associates reflect your beliefs.  When you step outside of your box of comfort by separating yourself from your normal environment, and you begin to interact with others whose eyes are open, you can see clearer.  An example of this is seen in people who have never relocated to an area outside of their birth place.  Their world is limited by their experiences in that small environment.  Once individuals become exposed to world views, and begin to see that there is more to any situation or group of people than they have been led to believe, that knowledge frees them.  The saying that "a lie will travel further and faster than the truth" is a true saying.  The greatest discovery of the self is found when one searches themselves in truth.  For it is also said, that "The greatest fool in the world is the one that fools him or herself".  Truth makes and sets you free be it ugly or beautiful. 

News flash White people and you light skin people that are passing for White; other Nations of people already see you, and see you as you really are.  Why White America?  The rest of Americans have little to no power to harm them right away, because they do not have economic and military power yet.  We are not the ones to fear anyway, for we are the spirituality and soul of America.  Open your eyes, for the threat is not us.  Who is fast changing the dynamics of America?  Look around you.  It is Americans that are being compromised for those who relocate here.  There is no melting pot; instead those born in American especially prior to the 1980s are being told to learn their language to hold a job or we will replace you with people speaking other languages.  We see it daily.  They do not have to speak English on their jobs, because they are in demand for replacing those who only speak English.  Our government agencies are the problem and not immigrants.  Immigrants are not writing the laws, but they benefit from them.  Don't get angry at them and attack them, because the people you elected and keep in their Congressional and Legislative seats don't value our English language or people who speak English.  Go to Spain, France, Germany, Africa and any Country that speaks other languages than English and see if they accommodate your not speaking their language.  See if they spend billions if not trillions of dollars educating you to their language, making accommodations for you, displacing their citizens in the job market with you and turning over the bank to you.  If you want to be a part of their culture, Country and hold a position in their County, you will adopt to their mannerisms, language and manner of doing things. Thankfully today, many countries are English speaking.

Our faith in God has been replaced by faith in everything but God.  Study the Holy Bible KJV and not all these made up versions and see where America is headed.  Even our President, who many refer to as Barack Obama and not President Barack Obama, is limited by the ones hired by us to help him serve us.  Look at the mass dysfunction of the Congress; House of Representatives.  What do we who elected them do?  Keep them in power.  Why, because they represent who you really are.  In America, "the fox is in charge of the hen houses".  Unless we turn and return to Godliness, America will soon not be America and will be destroyed.  She will implode herself.  


We are scattered all over the world caring for other Nations, that could not care less if America flourish or is destroyed.  Who is protecting the home front?  Look at our so called "secret service".  Many don't even take seriously protecting our Nation's leader.  Why?  He is nothing but a Black man whose mother is White. Being of service to this President is one of the greatest honors to be had.  You may complain about the job he does, but another man could not have brought this country back from the brink of fiscal destruction as he has.  He was and remains the man for this day, like him or not.  You think he is too slow, but it is a fast hand that will push the button and cause all of us to be destroyed.  We have a thinker in the White House.  We have a Black family that prays, have not disgraced this country and have a healthy fear of God.  It is difficult to be critical of yourself, and that is why we all need to surround ourselves with people who will be honest with us about ourselves.     


Many of us have lost ourselves and our families while trying to accumulate things and establish ourselves.  The American dream has become an American nightmare.  We are reverting to the negative behaviors of the past that almost destroyed this nation, and that made many citizens less than because of the color of their skin.  We know what we are told and what the news media tells us, but they not only know what is going on in the USA, but what the USA involvement is in their Country.  Most of this information Americans will never know.  After all these candidates who seek to be President of this Country, look like you, service you, sit in the pew with you, work with you, laugh with you and some even sleep in the same bed as you. 

Muslim Americans welcome to our World!  You to Mexicans and Latinas!  For decades, dare I say centuries we have endured fear mongering?  Why do they fear we who have little to no power?  It is because of what they have done to us.  They fear our gaining power, because they think we will repay their evil with evil.  What they fear they hate and what they hate they seek to destroy.  They clap their hands on Sundays in churches all over the States, and proclaim their faith in God, but when the church doors close or they turn out church, many inside reveal the real nature of the beast, and yes in the house called God's house. 

Religious bigots are everywhere, and don't forget, religious men killed Jesus the Christ.  Once they open their mouths, the real man and woman of fear and hatred is revealed.  Thank God these undercover racist are now being revealed.   

Electing a Black man as President stirred them to the point of moving legislatively to work against the President in his bid to help the people.  I speak of our Congress.  Now this Muslim thing is another thing.  It has forced them out of their hiding places to a degree that we, excuse me, I mean you can now see who they really are. 

Racist are motivated by fear, which gone unchecked turns to  hatred.  They are the religious that say they love Jesus whom they have never seen, but will kill their neighbor whom they see daily.  These put religion on and off like you change your clothing.  

Some minority groups want Black Americans to stand in defense of them, but they yet look at us as less than.  Yet our blood, sweat, tears and marching opened doors for them.  It is ironic how oppression and prejudices has now rolled around to your door isn't it?  Now you feel segregated as we yet do.  You should have looked up to us and not down on us for many of our elders are the ones who opened these doors for you too.

Many sit and expect America to solve their wars that have been going on before America was known as America.  They look to us to fight there battles, but which of you will allow your soldiers to fight and die for us?  America is not God.  Why then is any Nation's faith in America and not God? 

God blessed America, but America has allowed every ungodly belief and act into its house in the name of freedom.  An apple is not an orange and will never become an orange.  You are who you are.  Therefore the company you keep does matter.  Who you assimilate with does matter.  You bring a thief into your house and then become surprised when you are robbed.  You bring a man or woman into your home that you know have no regard for marriage, then you are surprised when you come home and find them in the bed with your mate?  Really!  Really!???  All do not melt in, so stop calling America a melting pot.  When you melt 5 different cheeses in macaroni and cheese, once melted, you cannot tell one cheese from the other.  Separate languages are fine, but when American business and governmental agencies force Americans out of jobs, because they don't adapt to the language of others this Country has embraced, they are the creators of discord and division which breeds hatred.  There is no melting into, but the forcing of Americans to adopt and adapt to or become unemployable and undesirable.  Our Constitution and Amendments are being twisted for these representatives purposes.  What did you think would eventually happen?  You have gone too far in the name of Freedom.  Freedoms demands restrictions and restraints, and without them chaos will reign.  What is the answer?  America needs to turn and return to God.  I pray for us and our Country.   CR December 9, 2015.  Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or used in any manner without the express written permission of the above named author


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