Gone but never forgotten.




Remembering a beloved co-worker. 

Memories Are What Remain

When the word came to Sandra's work family, that she had transitioned, our hearts were made heavy.  Many cried, others gasp so hard that for a moment they stopped breathing, while others were so shocked, that they became speechless.  The loss of Sandy, which for you as family and loved ones is immense, is also deeply felt by those of us who both admired and loved her.  After all, Sandra Halliburton served with the people of DSS for many years.  She worked very hard to rise to the position of a Supervisor in Temporary Assistance.  Some staff members owe their jobs, sanity and staying power to her.  Also, there are many clients who have her to thank for expediting services for them.  Yes, she was outspoken, and commanding, but she was also mothering too many.  She was a no nonsense woman and Supervisor, who did not have time for foolishness.  This leader, woman and friend will be greatly missed.  Nevertheless, our memories of her will serve us well.  Her presence, voice, walk, that look and her words, all will remain precious memories to us.  Many of us too, will miss our Wednesday morning sessions, where she came through and discussed with us, what happened the night before on the "Haves and Have Nots". 

Now we say that we will see you later in heavenly places, for our prayers for healing in this life were not answered.  God always know and does what is best for his children.  We are consoled, because there are two things we are sure of, and that is that Sandy loved God and that he loves her.  

Family, we say that our prayers remain with you, for we know that only God can give you his peace that surpasses all understanding. October 6, 2018. 


Sandy Halliburton's Nassau County Department of Social Services Family


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