Because   I   Just   Do


When I think of you a smile forms across my face, my heart smile and my being is filled with joy.  I asked myself, how one person that I never carried in my loins could create such feelings of love, peace and joy?  My heart held all the answers and began to speak to my mind.  Simply put, it is "Because I Just Do".  Nothing just happens to us even if we fail to understand life's happenings.


Born to one and raised by another that you may meet and marry a girl named Vanessa.  Not by chance my son, but all by God's design.  God wanted to mend your broken heart therefore He gave you an extended family that would encourage, embrace and love you.  You have come to this place of manhood today by choice.  You could have deserted your wife and children, but instead you chose to break the cycle of desertion by taking the high road and becoming a man.  Flawed you are, damaged in heart and spirit you are, but by God's design that you would look to Him to learn what it means to be a man, husband and father. 


Thank you for not abandoning my daughter and your children.   Thank you for by choice becoming a treasured family member and thank you for giving me peace about the care of my child.


Now can you understand better why when I think of you, I feel privileged?  You give me hope and an assurance that everything will be all right.  You have made sure that my daughter knows what true love is and have given her and my grandchildren a secure place to lay their heads.  My daughter knows she has a man who loves her and my grandchildren have a real papa, father and friend.


You James Edward Gray make my heart sing.  You are the son that this mother wanted for her daughter.   I feel safety for my daughter and grandchildren, simply put "Because I Just Do". 


I am confident in her love for you, the man that few really know.  She love and cherish you because you have a woman of virtue and one you can trust with your heart.  She is your wife, lover and friend.  She prays for your soul, truly miss you when you are away and look out for your well-being. 


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