Now day's people seem to have an excuse for just about everything.  They call the misdeeds of others illnesses in an attempt to excuse their misdeeds.  Tell me, what is the excuse for racism? 

As children we are taught what to believe, how to act and react by parents and those around us.  As we age wisdom should take over, seeing that we become responsible for our actions, reactions and beliefs.

No longer can any of us excuse racism by blaming others for our behavior.  That's not to say that other individual's actions cannot influence us to distrust and feel ill towards them and others of that nationality.  However, in the end we are responsible for our actions. 

Racism is not an inherited physical or mental illness, but it is a premeditated weapon of choice that is used by racist to spread their poison to others.

In 2008, let us work together that true change may come about.  We can join our children in embracing others or they will do it alone.


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