This writing is dedicated to those who would be servants.

The Would Be Servant

People are frustrated with the outright lies of those who ask them to believe in them, vote for them and trust them.  Too often people are captivated and blinded by the shimmering lights of people who are turned on by the call of Broadway.  In the spotlight they are attractive as are most politicians.  Well dressed and on point, they know their roles and prey on the foolish; wrapping them in webs of deceit as they shuffle dung sprinkled with hyacinth to disguise the smell.

 Americans love the visually beautiful and are quick to bite before examining the package.  While the surface may look smooth, the edges may cut you to shreds.  However if we get caught up in looks, sleekness and flowery speeches that don't hold water, we may find that we gravitate to foxes in "sheep's clothing." 

Conservative, Democrat, Liberal or Republican, what is that to me?  Change is in the air and it is not of party affiliation, but like minds assimilating.  The time has come to change this County's course.  We did it for the Nation, now it's time to bring it home to our communities.  Political parties need to stop grinning, shuffling and celebrating their victories and serve the people; all the people.  "We did it!"  "We won," they say, but what about the Counties citizens.  When you are doing your victory dance, try to remember that not only those of your particular party helped you seal your victory.  Never forget what happened to the now unseated incumbent, it can easily happen to you.  A replacement is always waiting in the wings or currently in the making.  After all you are not indispensable or did you think that you were?

It is no longer alright for only the wealthiest 2% of our country to thrive and the rest of the country struggle to survive.  You may have wealth that will allow you to relocate to another country or area of the USA where poverty is not in your face, but when you least expect, your world can be destroyed.  As long as there is oppression you are in danger. 

In the greatest Country in the World, why "Universal Health Care" was so vehemently fought and is currently being fought against? Selfishness!  To hell with the constituents who put you into office.

Too many who remain in office are more concerned with their political careers.  Party affiliations and financial backers are their focus and not doing what is in the best interest of their constituents.  They are not their sisters and brothers keepers. 

Where selfishness exists compromise is shut out and a Nation's destruction will soon follow.  This applies to every area of life.

If you are called to serve, be a good servant and not simply a hireling.  Know that servants are ordinary individuals that are called to extraordinary tasks.  They are the least likely amongst us; the hidden jewels that will attempt to talk themselves and even you out of their call to action. 

Injustices grind their nerves and motivate them to act.  Most look around to see who they can support to bring about change, only to learn they are the nominee.

We need to stop bestowing trust where not earned.  We need to reserve judgment since the jury is yet out on all seeking office.  It is fact gathering time, time to clear political seats where men and women are self-serving.  It is time to unite by beliefs and not political parties of any type.  This requires taking a good look into people's background.  Past fruit can help predict future fruit.  Apple trees don't produce pears, nor grape vines bananas.

Wisdom beckons us to examine ourselves when we hear the call to service.  Ask self, where is this motivation coming from?  Then listen to the answer; the voice of reason. 

Commit to looking beyond beautiful peoples exteriors, political persuasions and false promises.  Examine the called and the root of call.  I say to the would be servant, please keep in mind, that Vanity precedes the fall of the mighty and know that the greatest of all is "THE SERVANT."  November 22, 2009 CR.  Revised, May 26, 2010 and October 9, 2013 (underline). Alice B. Nixon-Barr, Cr.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form, stored in any retrieval system and published by any source without the written permission of the above named author. Cr





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