While standing on today, I found myself looking back on yesterday, as I turned to face tomorrow.  Suddenly I realize that our beginning had much to do with yesterday and today, and that our tomorrows would be determined by today's decisions.

Tears streamed down my face.  I had been struck by the awesomeness of God.  Wonder of wonders, what was spoken almost 2000 years ago, had shown up at doors today.  God had shown up at our door.  Front and center had called our names.  They overtook us at God's command. 

Suddenly we were forced to feel the pain of loss, which yielded temporary unity.   World War III in the form of the Iraq War came riding on our heels.  Unfulfilled dreams and hopes were dashed to the ground, as children, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, relatives and friends were left behind.   

Then he made quiet my spirit, that I may carefully view America's past.  Off came my rose colored blinders that I may see clearly.  Then slowly he rolled forward the pictures of America's lifetime and oh what a revelation.  Savagery was seen over and over again.  "We Trust In God" had become a fashion statement to cover men's hypocrisy.  Blood was the foundation of this nation.  Native Indians, Negro slaves, aborted babies, civil rights supporters, illegal immigrants and select refugee blood.  Economic empowerment dripped with the blood of those having faced economic enslavement.  Religiosity, discrimination, prejudice and bigotry dripped with the blood of the innocent.  Death by cop, silenced prayers in schools, parents' rights taken and pedophiles loosed in minority communities unfolded. Oh what a condemning revelation of the acts of mankind came forward.

Then I heard blessings and cursing proceeding out of the mouths of those elected to formulate laws for our best interest.  Hidden sins were uncovered; that a nation's people may see the evil committed by lawmakers who are themselves lawbreakers. 

Justice covered her eyes as the people cried.  She that is governed by he could no longer stand to see the twists placed on laws that were formulated by unjust justices.    She is not blind, but was incased in justice's ice.  Just ice became her name, in that she could not feel any fires of rightness. 

Turn, I heard her say.  Turn and return to the ways of the creator.  Repent, I heard her say.  Acknowledge your wrongs that he may forgive you.  Forgive, I heard her utter, that you may receive forgiveness.  Pull back your hands that he may act on your behalf.  For with the forces of nature and his mighty army he fights. His troops are not chosen in great numbers, but by their ability to lap water as they go. 

Who can best the Lord?  Who can hide from him? 

Then over my right shoulder, I saw a sea of blood.  It flowed from where two towers once stood; where the streets were rumored to be paved with gold.  It was red blood.  Red American blood.  All races were represented.  It had no name, but the color of red.  

Then he called for fearless children, ones who would take a stand and speak the truth.  He called for ones, which would take off the blinders, acknowledge their sins and repent, that the land may be healed.   

With the wave of a hand, God had reached back into our past and pulled up our history.  Dirty it was, but clear hearts, clean hands and mountain climbers the red blood made.  Then he stood us up straight, that the foolishness of men not cause our demise, and that his story may unfold.     


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