If I run to you for help, will you say that you shot me because I am a big Black woman and you was afraid?

When a White woman or man run to you, you push them behind you to safety and draw your weapon to defend them from who is approaching.

Are you my friend or my emeny?  You are armed, trained in subduing, defending, and resolving issues.  


As a woman, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and human being living in the United States of America and in the year 2016, it is disturbing to know that I now must also fear for the women as well as the men in my family, who may be approached by a COP or need to approach a COP.   I also fear for good Police Officers, who seem to not understand that they too are in danger from COPS.  What a COP does affect all Police, be they good, bad or indifferent, and what their spokespersons say also have repercussions, be it good or bad.  It is distressful knowing that any people must fear what they say to anyone, how they walk, where they stand or just the fact that they exist, and all because of skin color, neighborhood lived in, manner of dress or exercising their freedom to address another face to face as a man or woman irregardless their skin color, and without being brutalized.  COPS are not GOD.  They are also employees, have families who may be subjected to a COP like them someday and are in a servants position.  Our tax dollars pay them to protect and serve our community, and not rape, murder and brutalize it.


Years ago many of my enemies, wore sheets, hoods and burned crosses on lawns.  Many were law enforcement officers and church going people too.  Today many wear suits and dresses, with their emblems of justice.  These sharks lurk in the dark.  They include law enforcement officers that wear emblems of justice and peace but are closet racist and murderers.  This gives me cause to question, if you are my defender or my enemy. 

Who do I run to when I'm being threatened and who can my children count on to protect them instead of doing them harm?  Are you my defender or my enemy?

As a protector and watcher, do you view others by the color of their skin and the community you believe they come from, or do you take pride in your position?  I need you to respond as I look into your eyes.  Please answer this question, are you an enemy or friend? 

Remember that when you profile, you prejudge.  When you place a choke hold on, draw a gun on, or murder a son or daughter, you as fathers and mothers pass your sins to your children.  Again I ask, are you my defender or my enemy?

One day time and eternity will slap their hands together and justice will be served.  Until then, let each of us view every child as our child.  Maybe then we will seek to protect and not profile. Cr. Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, revision July 20, 2013. Alicebbarr.com. This labor of love is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or performed by anyone, without the written permission of the above-named author.


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