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Both men and women have issues with something, someone or somewhere.  How you ingest and regurgitate  them is what will have a positive or negative affect on others.  Tongue out Second Piece - "Lethal is the Weapon".


Everyone has at least one issue with something or someone.  While some are valid and very important others are frivolous and stem from envy. 

Examining our issues to see where they originate is very important.  In doing so we may find that our issues with people are based on differences our friends have with others.

Too often unaware people jump on the band wagon with unscrupulous people who take issue with people and things that don't concern them.  Many are themselves troublemakers and when caught, make false accusations against those that see them for what they really are.  Then you have those who are angry because they have failed to achieve their own goals.  They are miserable and want everyone around them to be miserable.

With all that is going on in our communities, the world and in our homes, I believe that we have enough issues of our own to deal with.  Why not allow those who have issues with others to handle their own problems?  Why are you so involved anyway, that you allow another to lead you to mistreat someone because they have an issue with them?  What is wrong with you, that you can't think for yourself?  Leave them to handle their problems.  As is said, "Misery loves company." 

I take issue with people who degrade one another, especially women who put down other women.  More often than not, these types fail to see their inadequacies and are envious of other women. 

Usually when I hear women talking about other women, I tell them that it is not nice for women to put other women down.  Most of the times they just cast an eye of scorn at me and continue as others join in.  You see, when I speak, I have already decided that I can handle the repercussions. 

They use words like, "She thinks she's cute" and "She ain't nobody." "Look at her hair, how she looks in that dress and how fat she is."  You know the kind of people I am talking about, the ones that have a problem with what you do, how you do it and even who you befriend.  They even take issue with how you spend your hard earned money and what your spouse purchases you.

Then you have a group of women who take issue with how you speak.  They say that you sound ghetto or white.  They say that you need to stop putting perm in your hair; trying to be white.  Lose some weight if you want a man or gain some weight you are not white.  Why are you so light?  You used to be darker.  Are you using bleaching cream?  She thinks she is white with her black self.  He thinks he is black with his light self. 

Why did you give her that?  She thinks she has so much.  How can he purchase her that?  Look at the old car he is driving.  You need to buy yourself a suit. 

We all have issues people.  Don't allow other peoples' issues to create problems for you.  Also, I say this to you, "if all of us took the first six months of each year to mind our business and the other six months of the year to leave other peoples alone, we would have a whole year to deal with our issues." 




Housed within the mouth is a most lethal weapon.  This weapon is more lethal than guns, knives and bombs.  When it rears its ugly head all run for cover, because it can drop the best of mankind.

The tongue is a fire, a small world filled with iniquity.  It is so lethal that its victims seldom recover, from this lethal weapon covered by a smile.

People, words kill and go deeper than any bullet ever could.  It divides asunder, parts friendships and then move on to others. Be careful of what you say or you may fall victim to that lethal weapon known as the tongue.


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