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Michael Baisden and Alice Nixon-Barr
Michael Baisden and Venus Catoe

These pictures were taken on September 20, 2003 at the Freeport Recreation Center, Freeport, New York.  My friend of twenty years, Venus Catoe, invited me to come to a Poets Festival at which I chose to present with other poets and writers.  At the event, we met Michael Baiseden, now T.V. Host of "Baisden After Dark" and renowned Radio Host.  Of course I purchased several of his books.

Cherryanne Weinstein, Alice Nixon-Barr, Cherryanne's daughter Annie, and sister Mrs. T. Crews

Cherryanne Weinstein, who was being honored, was presented with a special writing titled, "Cherry's Lane".  She is a brillant, thoughtful and spiritual lady.  Oh!  She is also a pain in the butt when she wants to be.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  It is included in the book,  "The Up Side of Down".

"Cherry's Lane"