Pray for the Carson family.
Pray for Mrs. Annie & Bo who is healing from the car crash that killed Uncle Joe.



Top Picture:  Son Bo and wife Mrs. Annie.
She is the consummate server.
Second Picture: Joe Carson & Vanessa Gray
My daughter's first meeting with him in July.
She & we just loved him.

Letter to Joe Carson

July was only three months ago when we were all together. It was my first time meeting you, as well as many of my family. Tears were shed as we came to bury a loved one, and then there were you. You helped make the sadness in the room turn into smiles. It was your contagious laughter. You had a witty way about yourself that made tears turn to smiles and made those visiting you home feel welcomed. Joe Carson your smile lit up a room.

Little did we know that almost three months later you too would be gone. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Your smile and kindness has entered the hearts of those who have been blessed to know you. Your wife Annie and even your children have your wit and kindness. All who knew you were blessed to have you in their lives.

Gone but never forgotten. You live in our hearts and are etched into our spirits. We are blessed that God sent you into our lives. Even a day with you was more than years with many others. We honor you and say sleep well our gentle soul. In a moment and twinkling of an eye you were gone.

This is another teachable moment. It tells us to treasure those we love, to be kind to them while we can and to give our flowers to them, be they words, our time or live flowers. We must stay ready, because time and eternity will clap their hands together soon and all will be called to come home. Gone you are but never forgotten. CR October 14, 2011. Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr. This labor of love is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or performed, without the written permission of the above-named author or the immediate family of Joe Carson. CR

In Celebration of the Life & Legacy of

Joe Carson

This October 2011

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