Thank you for your contagious smile.  It is my hope that your granddaughter has your smile.



This piece was  written to honor a former co-worker who had a smile that lit up her family and co-workers lives.  Mrs. Sue you are missed.

I Stand As Your Sentinel

MCj04362790000[1]MP900414093[1]MCj04362790000[1]While everyone was celebrating your pending birth, I was busy watching over you in your mother’s womb.  Despite the fact that they could not see me, you could, since my spirit was sent by God to surround and protect you on this journey.  Although you came from a place of beauty and light, you were hid in a place of darkness for this voyage.  You see, from the space that I occupy, I can touch, kiss and be a light for you, even in your mother’s womb.

 Once you enter Earth’s atmosphere, your world will gradually change.   There will be a small window of time, which will allow you to see the place from which you came.  Shortly thereafter, your vision of that world will dim, that your eyes only see your new world.  Until then, I will remain with you.  So when you are older, and mom and dad tell you that they walked into a room and you were laughing, reaching up and cooing at someone that they could not see, know that it was me. 

MCj04362790000[1]All good things are possible in Yahweh.  There is so much more to our existence than any of us can imagine.  Only on Earth do we know in part, but when he returns, then and only then will all know in full.  I remain with you always, for part of your DNA is my DNA and your smile is my smile.  Be happy grandchild, for ELOHIYM in his great wisdom, has sent you as a gift, to bring much joy to our family and this world.  May you forever be surrounded with love and wisdom, and may your heart, eyes and ears remain open to the wonders of Jehovah.  Cr. January 10, 2016, Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr.  Written by one grandmother for another grandmother.  This work of love, is not to be duplicated in any form, placed in a retrieval system or used in any medium without the written permission of the author.  

Love Grandma Sue

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