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Alice Nixon-Barr and Rubin Carter

alicebarr/2009alicebarr12.jpgThis picture was taken on February 7, 2000 at Nassau Community College, Uniondale, New York, by Angelina Barr.

Alice Nixon-Barr presented Rubin Carter, subject of the movie "The Hurricane" with a copy of the piece she wrote for him, "The Indomitable Spirit of Mankind".  It is included in her book, "The Up Side of Down".

"The Indomitable Spirit of Mankind"


This is a picture of Alice Nixon-Barr and Catherine B. New, who was honored at the African American Museum, Hempstead, New York.

She was presented with a special writing titled "Catlike Business".  It is included in the book, "The Up Side of Down".

"Catlike Business"


This picture was taken in November, 2001 at "The Vulcan Society of Black Firefighters Memorial Service, Brooklyn, New York.

Alice Nixon-Barr, presented a copy of her piece, "For this Purpose I Was Born" to Paul Washington, President of the Vulcan Society and the family members of the 12 African American Firefighters who lost their lives that day.  She sent copies to the NY City Firefighters Commission and Police Commission.  Alice hand delivered copies to Caucasian family members at several Firefighters funerals.  She also delivered copies to several Long Island Firehouses and left a donation at two.

It is included in her book, "The Upside of Down".

"For This Purpose I was Born"

Alice Barr-Nixon speaks to group at G.E.D. Program in Freeport, NY

This picture was taken in 1995 when I was an Office Manger for the New York State Assembly.  I spoke to a group of Women and Men at a G.E.D. Program in Freeport, New York.  It was a proud moment. I am the proud holder of a General Education Diploma.  It was important to let them know, that you can achieve your dreams.  They may be delayed, but that does not mean they are denied.  As a man once told me when I whispered at a job interview, "I have a G.E.D.".  "Don't ever whisper that you have a G.E.D.!  I know that you earned that G.E.D., but I don't know how they got that Diploma."

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