An Admirable Man

A man’s character will speak volumes for him, long after his Earthly existence has ceased. His youth will flee, his vision will dim and his stride will slow, but his service and influence will remain forever.

He was an admirable man. He has served his Country and community. More than this is his influence as a husband, father and grandpa.

This man was no wind in britches. When he spoke, you stood at attention and listened. He was also a hands on father. He didn’t just rollover and go to sleep if his children were not home. Mr. Kane worried about their safety and made sure they understood why.

God and family, God and family, God and family were of utmost importance. If you remember his love and teachings, children he will never die. His physical presence has ceased, but his essence remains. Do in his absence what you would do in his presence, that in the day when the winds of God whisper your name, you too will hear, well done child, come on in and take a seat at the family table. CR Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, October 3, 2011. This work is not to be duplicated in any form, stored in a retrieval system or used in any forum, without the permission of the above named author. cr

In Celebration of the Life & Legacy of

Mr. James 

Who Entered His Rest

This 3rd. Day of October 2011

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