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When I give a fight all that I have and my strength begin to wane, I tag God.  I tag him when I cannot run any faster, jump any higher or see my way clear as I am being pummeled by life’s circumstances.   Don’t let the referee count you out when God is standing there with outstretched hands, asking you to tag him.  Don’t listen to the voices in your head that say you can’t win.  You are not in this alone and the battle is not yours anyway, it is God’s. Reach out and tag him.  Tag him when family members are acting like they have lost their minds.  Tag him when co-workers are lying and scheming on you.  Tag God when the doctor tells you that there is no cure for your illness.  Reach out and tag him when your opponent has you on the ropes and you cannot see how to hit back through the lies, blood, sweat and tears.  Go on and do it, tag God!  Do it with a fierceness and assurance that “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.” Isaiah 54:17.  Furthermore, Jesus told us in his word, “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” After all, you were directed to say that you are strong and not be strength.  Why you may ask?  It is because when you obey his directive of, “Let the weak say I’m strong,” it gives him permission to take over like a tag team member and kick your opponent’s butt.  Further it gives him permission to act on your behalf and gives you the confidence that when you call, he will show up.  After all our father is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  No force can defeat us, as long as he and his word remain within us. Most people will follow the directions for baking a cake or the instructions on their medication bottles, but for some reason don’t believe they need to follow God’s rules for living a better life. It is simple, if we call him, he will answer and if we cry, he has promised to say “Here I am.”  What’s so difficult about this?     If you practice calling him when you are not in trouble, it will be easy to call him when you are.  He will not disappoint you and will arrive at the right time.  Go ahead and put him to the test; that is if he is your Daddy.  Call Daddy, when you get in trouble.   Remember this; he will not enter the ring unless you invite him.  You must reach out and tag him, because he will not break the rules. Trouble will come your way and sometimes it is self made.  However the fact that you are yet in it, says that you are not capable of extracting yourself.    Tag God!  I dare you to tag him when things get tough; when you have exhausted all of your means and no resolution is in sight.  I double dog dare you to tag God.  I did, I do and will continue to tag him.  He knows how long I need to be in the fire and will extricate me in due season. “I Tagged God!”  I tagged him and he came through for me.  I tagged him and he calmed the storms in my life, helped me to go through what I needed to go through and not vacation where I didn’t belong.   Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed to ask for his help. After all God is waiting for us to tag him.  Tag God!  Take him up on his offer.  Tag him that the victory may be yours.  I did and he came to my rescue.  “I Tagged God.” CR 2008 Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, author. Excerpt from “Views of You In Shaded Hues” – “A Place Between Black and   White.”   This work is not to be duplicated in any form or stored in a retrieval system without the written permission of the above named author. 12/3/2008.