Rest in Peace  - April 2014

Year 2000 



In honor of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter 
Rubin Carter was presented with a copy of "The Indomitable Spirit of Man" by the author in 2000 at a Nassau Community College event.

Winds that are profound, astonishing, moving and ferocious can least describe hurricanes.  Men under pressure that are depressed because of repressions and have become incarcerated for the crimes of others are affected by hurricanes.  Omissions and commissions that have been hidden that the evil of mankind may not be discovered and the valor of the right may remain hidden.  Fixed trials yielding guilty verdicts, that the innocent may lose their freedom.  Years, physical and mental of incarceration cannot make the innocent guilty.  All the plotting, all the ducks lined up and all the kings’ men cannot keep a ray of truth from breaking through darkness.  One book in the right place awaiting the right hands to retrieve it that the trinity may awaken at God’s command.  One occurrence that opens the eyes of the many, that the hidden iniquities of the shielded may be revealed.  Yes the indomitable spirit of a man can move one Court Justice with courage to do the right thing. As light overshadow and blot out darkness in its appropriate time, so will truth.  No thing and nothing can stay WhYh’s justice.   Just one ray of light need shine on forged evidence and hidden lies that time and chance may deliver the innocent. Hurricanes come and go as does the mighty, but the indomitable spirit of the righteous cannot be destroyed.  Although hurricanes are filled with power, might and uncertainty they must cease at God’s command.  They reshape lives in the whisper of a minute and alter dry places in seconds; yet God can restore humanity lost and replenish the physical and mental lands by one command.  Mankind may fall, but by faith He can rise again.  Storm winds will blow, yet the house will remain standing, if its’ walls are reinforced by His Spirit. Since life too is filled with many hurricanes, think it not strange when some alter your life and place you in harms way.  For mankind was not created to please self, but to serve God’s purposes any day and in His way, that His story might unfold. Remember the indomitable spirit of man, when you are tried by life’s hurricanes.  Keep in mind that they can serve to free men from themselves and the indiscretions of others.  They can also alter history that His story may be told His way.   Just stand firm and remain grounded when hurricanes come and you too will be vindicated, rise victorious and become a vessel used for His purposes.  
Presented To:  Rubin Carter - Movie “The Hurricane”  

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