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Madness swept people whose only power was found in destroying their own.  Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and forced power destroys even the soul.   Paul Rusesabagina  was forced to watch the genocide of his people by his people.  With the world pretending that they were not watching , he saw from the inside what self-hatred, intolerance and ignorance could and did do.  He saw thousands of bodies, held bodies, rode over bodies and housed bodies to the saving of lives.  Yes, he sat there for a while stunned and trying to wrap his mind around the insanity, but then  “He stood up”.  He became  sanity in insanity, a Hutu  that sought to keep both Hutu  and Tutsis   safe.  God used him in the saving of over 1,000  lives. As he sat there,  perhaps he wondered how a people could destroy a people who came from the same mother and motherland as themselves. He might have attempted to wrap his  psyche around how two peoples of one race, two tribes with the same face could murder over 800,000 human beings.  I can imagine his struggle, his wanting someone, any Nation to send soldiers to their aid.  How do you look into a face that looks like yours and with ease allow it to be destroyed?  How do you hear another being referred to as a cockroach and not think of yourself?  You too came from the same mother.  How can the world not look at them with disdain, when they hack up human beings like animals slaughtered for food?  You wonder how anyone can kill a people based on being born into a tribe not by choice but God’s design. Yet in the midst of insanity he kept his sanity by the grace of God, found the courage, then “He Stood Up” and helped those that could not help themselves. Genocide by another is one thing, but genocide by your own brings shame to a Nation.  Just like Cain  killed Able,  in three months, almost one million innocent people were with brutality slain.  Brother killed brother, sister and offspring.  Now today as I stand here before Paul Rusesabagina, I am glad that with God’s help, “He Stood Up” and made room at the Inn for over 1,000 of God’s children. Presented The 27th Day of April 2005To:  Mr. Paul Rusesabagina

In my spirit, I ran through troops that I might leap over walls. My inner man was bound and my body followed along. With weak legs from walking so many long roads and painful joints from abuse, only in my spirit could I leap over walls.  Fear gripped at my very being and despair offered to be my friend. I looked around and trouble was gaining on me. I looked down and the ground upon which I stood was slowly sifting out from under me.  With little strength remaining, I looked to Him from which cometh my help. My legs gained strength and my arms did too. I ran through my enemies and scaled the walls that I once feared. My body, soul and spirit become one, as in my spirit I ran through troops that I may leap over walls. 
Knocked down but not knocked out. Pushed back but not out of sight. Run over by the harshness of this life, yet I remain standing.  Instead of looking down at the top of my shoes, I was looking up at my soles. So far down that my shoestrings looked high. My confidence was at an all time low and those claiming to be my friends turned their backs on me.  At times, I cannot feel your presence, see it your way or hear you calling my name, but I know that you are with me. It is your strength that sustains me and not my own.Through the darkness, I feel the light. Oh open my spiritual eyes that I may find my way home. For at my lowest point I will be strengthened, that I may be high enough to reach down and tie my shoelaces. 


Yesterday I was on a different mind level. I was existing in a lifestyle that I thought was mine. I kept attempting living at a pace that was not mine although I thought it was. I found myself talking someone else's language as I walked to the drums of another's beat.
Today I, today I have come to myself. I have learned that instead of marching to another's beat, I must find and follow my own. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to do less than, be less than or agree to less than. In-spite of who others think that I am or am not, I must grasp me with all that I have. I must live me with all that I can and I must be me and I mean all that I am. My width, depth and awesomeness must come forth.
I am not who others think that I am, whisper that I am or hope that I am. I am the fullness of humanity lost and the promise of that to come.
Yesterday changed my today, so much that I have reclaimed my person. Profoundly I am changed forever and never to slip back to who other think that I am.
Yesterday I was somebody else, an abused, timid and fearful woman. Today I am me, a God driven powerhouse. Strong I am. Determined I am. On my way I am. Not to be deterred, I will come forward.
Yesterday changed my today, what about yours?

You did it all and just for me. You suffered unmentionable acts, ate what dogs wouldn't, held your friends as they drew their last breath and even watched them die. You, yes I am talking to every Veteran from World War I to the Iraq War. Young, old, here or gone, you did it all for me. You who dared go, bled and even died all just for me. You who sacrificed your limbs, family life, eyesight and health just for me. In-spite of the hardships and instead of running away, you stood there and did it all just for me.
You took the abuse, acceptance, denials, rejections and even disrespect all just for me. You, yes you and even you that died, you all are my heroes.
Done not just for glory but to protect that you held and continue to hold dear. You never inquired of my worthiness or the Country that you served, but you just took up arms and did it all for me.
With humility and the kiss of love, I thank you from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Desert Storm, Gulf conflict, Iraq War and any I failed to name. Thank you for helping God keep me alive for one more day. Cr. 2003 Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr. This work is not to be duplicated in any form without the written permission of the above named author.
Presented To All Veterans
In Honor of my Son, Army Specialist James E. Gray
The Iraq War