Life In A Circle 
A man's deeds speaks louder than any words ever could.  The life that he leads at home with his wife and children is the support beams for the family. It is said that, a “Good man’s steps are ordered by the Lord.”  I add to this saying, that his family is the barometer by which the man is measured.  His character will be reflected in their daily lives to one degree or another, because they watch Dad and imitate him.  They learn how to be responsible and respectful members of society by watching Father, more than hearing what he teaches.  They look to him for guidance, support and even corrections.   Everything Papa does is a teachable moment.  His looks of dissatisfaction as well as those of approval teach lessons to his children.  He is the glue that holds the family together and his love will never die.  Now that he has been recalled to the Universe by God, remember that great memories will make sure that he is always near.  He will never truly be gone, because he lives in each of you.  He has joined those whom he loves that have gone before him.  He will never be alone and neither will you.
 We that remain need to keep in mind, that this is a part of our journey.  We are born into this World, given opportunities to live or simply exist in life and then are called back home.  It is not for us to understand at this time, but in due season all will be revealed. We will meet our loved ones again. Let this serve as a reminder to all of us, that we too will hear the wind whispering our name someday, and it will be calling us, calling us to come home.  In the meantime, remember that it is how we live our lives now that will determine our end.   It is God who charged us to love one the other and to watch as well as pray.  Continue to be honorable, loving and Godly people, that your end too may be better than your beginning.  Cr Ms. Alice B. Nixon-Barr, July 1, 2010.  This work is not to be duplicated in any form, stored in a retrieval system or used in any forum, without the permission of the above named author. CR 
In Celebration of the Life of
Ralph DellaRatta, Sr.
This 1st Day of July 2010  

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