Alice Nixon-Barr

Sometimes human beings live their lives like tomorrow on Earth will always come for them.  They take no thought of God, repercussions or the reaping that accompany their negative actions towards their fellow human beings.  They injure others by various methods and have no conscious of regret.  Money and things has become their god and gain by any means their motto.  Many fail to remember that they cannot take things or money with them when they die, and they will die.  Although there is nothing wrong with having things, the problem comes when you allow them to have you.  Money is not the problem, but the love of money is.  Living your best life is not the problem, but if you do it on the backs of others and through using deceptive methods which is greed that is a problem.  God puts it in a man’s heart to help others, but often the individual fails to obey God.  We are his arms and hands.  He allows those who can gain to do so, but not for themselves only.  It is a teachable thing in that in giving the cycle of rewarding continues.  When you give, he keeps allowing you to gain.   

Remember this, everyone is not lazy because they don’t have wealth.  Also remember that although we were created equal by God, that the creation is not the problem, but what mankind has done to clock block those they feel superior to.  I say this to address a prominent TV minister’s spouse who on National TV, July 4, 2012, used their program to with venom spew railings against those who he feels have not achieved because they are lazy.  How quickly we forget that the how we say things is just as important as what we say and that even in 2012 men and women are yet holding their feet on the necks of others.   

It is a blessing to try to relieve the pain of another even if it is only for a little while.  Remember also, that it is love that covers a multitude of faults.  Love is also an action word.  Saying I love you means nothing, if not followed up with positive actions. 

 My treasure is my gift of writing of which I give to many.  Does my lack of financial wealth make me inferior to those who have money?