I learned how to kneel and pray to my father God.

not to grovel with God but to ask for what I think I        need.

how to weather the storms of life.

to be thankful for what I have and more will come.

to acknowledge the winds of change.

holy boldness. No more would of, could of or should of, because life is too short.


I learned that without trust you have nothing.

I should not second guess myself.  My first thought is what flows from within.

to have faith in myself; feel as if the thing is here.

 you teach others how to treat you.

 to be silent and still when I don't know what to do.

failure is experiences that we are supposed to go through            not vacation in.

you never stop learning.


I learned that life is bigger than me.

              I am a direct reflection of my family.

    family is important.

    generational curses can be broken.

    not to take things personal when family and people

    hurt you because they will disappoint you.


I learned to pay my debt.

              to shop for bargains.

    to be sensible and never pay more than something is



I learned that a mother's love is priceless.

sometimes a mother is all her children have so a true mother will protect them.

a good mother's job doesn't stop when the child is 18.

you will hear your mother's voice when talking to your children.


 I learned how to kick males to the curve.

             there is a difference between a man and a male.

             it's nice to have a man but you don't need one.

   never let a man borrow money without a signed receipt.

   a real man knows the care of children come first

   and won't feel the need to compete with them.

   a real man builds his house, not lay on a woman's back.


My mother's influence is like a warm hand giving me guidance, wisdom, love, hope, protection and peace.  That is why on this Mother's Day when I find myself financially challenged, I remembered that my words hold more value than any dollar ever could.


Angelina Z. Barr, Happy Mother's Day 2006 to my Mom








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